Real Men Will Go the Distance... Puro Amor Puro

October 12, 2019

Que tal mi gente!

A few months ago I was talking to a male friend of mine and our conversation ended up being about dating relationships. Les ha pasado que en conversacion alguien les dice algo que les hace dudar de si mismas/os ? Well, this friend had said something without intending to making me feel bad, but my mind began distorting his comment and it made its way to my corazoncito. He said something to the effect of men second- thinking pursuing a woman who they may see is really “busy” doing God’s work.

“ So are you saying that when I was a missionary men could have been looking at me thinking  ‘ Mmm, she seems great, but she also seems so busy and involved I don’t think she’s in a place in her life to date?!”

I thought, “Dios mio! That’s it. I’ll never get married. That’s all I’ve been doing these past years (doing the work of God)!" The wounded, insecure, impatient Kiki came out. Ugh. Don’t you hate when that happens? You can literally feel yourself letting these self-depreciating thoughts take over and your trust level take a chomping hit. Soon enough though, those thoughts took a back seat and life kept happening.

Then, as I recently have been in a season of transition I was talking to another one of my amigos about having been offered a job and I had a breakthrough revelation about a fear that was holding me back from freely making a decision about this job! I was feeding this fear and it was growing inside of me. Ahi les va...

I am afraid of a man in my current community being put off from pursuing me because I am moving far away.

The lie that I was feeding: A man needs me to make things as easy and convenient as possible because I don’t want God’s plans to be an obstacle to his pursuit of me.

Mi amigo spoke life into me, me dijo : “ Kiki, I understand. I can see what your other friend meant…a man may find pursuing a woman who lives in the same city and works a 9 to 5 easier, but not necessarily better. You are worth being pursued. A real man will go the distance for you. Men are made for the chase, we don’t like an easy pursuit. “

Wow! What truth. See, you too are worth being pursued with intentionality, clarity, and purpose. Men are made for the heroic, let them live up to that. If he’s meant for you he will cross mountains, rivers, and valleys for you. Me escucharon?! You are worth that much and more!

So ladies, be brave! Do whatever He tells you. Own your Fiat! Vivan con ganas! You will not miss anything that is intended for you. Don’t be afraid of being a woman after God’s own heart. It is when you are living in your purpose and doing God’s will for your life that you will find all the desires of your heart fulfilled. If you were for a second thinking of shying away from that job opportunity, from making weekend plans, from not being your authentic self to make things easier and more convenient for a potential someone.  Girrrrl, BE BRAVE!

And for you gentleman, you too are worthy. I leave you these two videos para que se animen:

Dear Men, Pursue Her!

Be Intentional Already!

Puro Amor Puro, 



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