March 22, 2020

Hola holaaaaa my loves!

Idk what day it may be for you reading this today, pero for me its a cozy Sunday night with a drizzle of lluvia!

"Lluvia (lluvia) tus besos fríos como la lluvia"...jajaja...mi cerebro automáticamente empieza a tocar esa cancion cuando escucho lluvia...Anyway back to my point


Name is Jessica & this you’re reading right here is my “FIAT”. Even more specifically, “A Latina’s Fiat”.

What do you mean by fiat you may ask? (& no i’m not talking about a cute little car)

El “fiat” de Maria es su “si” a la voluntad de Dios. It is her courageous response when the Angel Gabriel announced to her that she would give birth to the Son of the most high!

“Behold, I am the handmade of the Lord; let it be (done) to me according to your word.”
Ella dio un “si” con accion, with complete surrender, obedience, and humility!

Everything I am doing through “A Latina’s Fiat” is part of my very own “yes” to God’s will for my life! I do pray my content be a ray of God’s love for each one of you! With that being mentioned here is lo que en verdad les quiero dejar hoy:

I was feeling so emotional the other day because I felt it strongly in me that Jesus just wants us to truly GIVE IT ALL TO HIM. It is this love in me that wants to break though. During my instagram live session with the coronilla that day I pictured the ocean. It was opening up, not in a scary way, in an incredibly beautiful way! I felt Him tell my heart to pass on the message, to tell His children and well me too that...His MERCY IS ENDLESS like the beautiful & peaceful ocean.

....to step into su mar de misericordia not to stay on the pier watching...

to give Him our BURDEN


He wants it!

Let it go.

You, me, todo..let it go.

He doesn't want us all suffering, carrying this weight that's too heavy for us all.

Give it to Him...He is strong enough!

He already paid the price.

Come into His mercy, come have PEACE.

I started getting watery eyes during the live! That’s never happened to me before. I was scared that I was going to forget the prayer because it felt like such a long moment but it was a split second in #RL.

I began preaching this message to the viewers & saw some beautiful comments. I felt such peace + love that my chest started warming up.

I ended up praying for those who don’t believe in His love & mercy. Later on, I came across someone who doesn’t fully believe in His infinite mercy & sees Him as a God whos anger is greater than His mercy...when it’s the other way around! I prayed and realized that God let me feel that sadness because He wants us to pray for more souls like that..souls that are giving into panic, distress, and disbelief in Him.

So my loves I invite you to meditate on that,

His ocean of mercy and love.

Relax, take some breathes, close your eyes and picture yourself standing on the pier looking out at the endless waves...see how it just keeps going and going?

Así es como nos ama, hay que entrar en ese mar de la misericordia!

Anything you’re going through offer it all up to Him, don’t forget.

God loves you and so do I,

aka A Latina’s Fiat ♥



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